Aug 172013

Lily ArmchairWild, funky and fun, the Getsuen Armchair was designed by Japanese designer Masanori Umeda in 1990 for the Italian manufacturer Edra. This charming armchair design reflects the look of a flower, specifically a lily. Like many of Umeda’s other designs, the shape of the Lily Chair is inspired by nature.  It rests on the floor with two brushed steel balls on the two front petals and a pair of polyurethane wheels similar to those used on skateboards. These make this cool modern armchair easy to pivot and move around to any position you want.

Lily Chair Side View

The reason they call it the Lily Chair is most clear when the armchair is viewed from the side. The beautifully organic look of  spreading petals not only makes an inviting place to sit, it is an attention grabbing work of art that is sure to start many conversations.

The surprisingly comfortable Getsuen Armchair is made using molded steel and covered in thick polyurethane foam. It comes in a number of fabric colors or, if you pay a bit more, you can get the Gold Leather edition which I haven.t seen in person but I can only imagine how amazing it looks. You can find this and other armchairs at Atlanta-based Switch Modern.

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Jun 122013
Tetris Stacking Shelf Set by Brave Space

Are you looking for some groovy shelving for your home or office space? Are you a fan of the classic game Tetris? Either way the folks at Brave Space have you covered. Each part of this cool modular shelving set is crafted out of solid wood, stained dark on the outside and left natural on the inside, creating a unique and contemporary look. The variety of shapes makes it easy to stack and re-stack in hundreds of possible configurations that can hold almost anything you want to display. But something

Oct 112012
Contemporary Glass Wall Shelving

Get Creative With Artistic Glass Shelving Contemporary design tend to have a more minimalist quality meaning less is more but there are ways to display your photos, artwork and objet-de-arte that keeps the style up and the clutter down. A great way to do this is with some modern style wall shelving. There is no better way to maximize the minimalism (if that is even possible?) by using glass shelving.  Contemporary art glass wall shelving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit almost any decorating need.  Choose from

Oct 092012
Artistic Adelta Side Table

Copacabana Side Table Since the days of Eliel Saarinen, Adelta has been creating functional and artistic modern furniture designs that have kind of a timeless quality that stands outside of home furniture fashions and trends. The Copacabana Side Table designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio continues that tradition while breaking its own ground in style and versatility. The Copacabana Side Table was designed by Aarnio to be a companion to the famous Pastil Chair but this cool contemporary side table stands on its own just as boldly as its more well-known companion. After all,

Sep 022012
Exotic Pet Bed By Kenneth Cobonpue

Operetta Pet Lounge Philippine based designer, Kenneth Cobonpue has received many international accolades for his exotic, modern designs in woven furniture. His designs stand alone in their style and tend to come in all sorts of unique shapes that seem to defy description. Cobonpue is unafraid of any design challenge and has designed everything from amazing outdoor furniture made of woven polyethylene, to fantastic bedroom furniture that looks like it is right out of a movie set. He has even a designed an amazing concept car made out of woven bamboo. Now Cobonpue has turned

Aug 142012
Featured Retailers: CustomMade

Buying contemporary furniture that is interesting, attractive and different can be a challenge at best, and while there is always lots of hot designers with amazing stuff to choose from, inevitably you are going to see your interesting lounge chair or fantastic modern sofa on a television show or a friend’s house. Some people are looking for something more unique, something more personal or even something that is one of a kind. Oh, sure you can choose from a few finishes or even several types of upholstery, but how often do you get to take