Jul 102012

The New Mercado Bed!

Chiasso has introduced a cool new modern bed called the Mercado Bed that has some interesting and unique features. Their slogan at Chiasso has always been “simply modern design” and this new space-saving, floating bed design is just that, simple and modern.

The legs of the bed are set back just enough to make it look as if it is floating just a few inches off the ground. This optical illusion, the appearance of floating is the latest trend in contemporary bed designs and although not exactly unique, still looks pretty cool. Even though is looks like it is hovering, the Mercado Bed is well made and sturdy with solid wood construction wrapped in soft faux leather. The headboard, also covered in padded faux leather is set at an angle that makes it perfect for reclining comfortably while reading, watching television or just relaxing.

Mercado Beds With Pullout NightstandsThe feature that I find the most unusual is also, when you think about it, so simple. Tucked in the space behind the headboard an each side are a pair of hidden peek-a-boo book shelves that are the perfect size for your evening reading as well as those other small odds and ends we all keep by our beds. Not visible from the front, they are a simple yet effective way to keep the clutter down in your bedroom. You know what I mean, the kind of stuff that always seems to cover your nightstand.

But wait, with the Mercado Bed you can get rid of those nightstands entirely because hidden behind the headboard is also a pair of cool pullout nightstands. They can slide out to offer a temporary spot to set a drink or be permanently opened as a place for bedside lighting or your alarm clock. This makes it perfect for a tight space like an apartment or an area where a separate nightstand is impractical.

The Mercado Bed by Chiasso

Inside the pullout nightstands there is even more storage space making this one of the most versatile contemporary beds I have seen for quite a while. The Mercado Bed is available in a nice minimalist white color and comes in either queen or king size and are pretty reasonably priced for what they are. You can get a closer look at the Mercado Bed at your nearest Chiasso location or online at chiasso.com.

How Cool Is This?

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