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Aug 172013

Lily ArmchairWild, funky and fun, the Getsuen Armchair was designed by Japanese designer Masanori Umeda in 1990 for the Italian manufacturer Edra. This charming armchair design reflects the look of a flower, specifically a lily. Like many of Umeda’s other designs, the shape of the Lily Chair is inspired by nature.  It rests on the floor with two brushed steel balls on the two front petals and a pair of polyurethane wheels similar to those used on skateboards. These make this cool modern armchair easy to pivot and move around to any position you want.

Lily Chair Side View

The reason they call it the Lily Chair is most clear when the armchair is viewed from the side. The beautifully organic look of  spreading petals not only makes an inviting place to sit, it is an attention grabbing work of art that is sure to start many conversations.

The surprisingly comfortable Getsuen Armchair is made using molded steel and covered in thick polyurethane foam. It comes in a number of fabric colors or, if you pay a bit more, you can get the Gold Leather edition which I haven.t seen in person but I can only imagine how amazing it looks. You can find this and other armchairs at Atlanta-based Switch Modern.

Lily Armchair By Masanori Umeda 5.00/5(100.00%) 1 votes
Jul 182012
Hip And Modern Armchair From de Sede

de Sede DS-57 Armchair Designed by Franz Romero for de Sede the DS-57 Armchair has an exaggerated, almost cartoonish style that is both bold and chunky yet still has a low-slung and petite quality.This cool modern armchair, although only 26″ in height (without the optional integrated headrest) has a certain understated charisma that makes it stand out in any room. It sits at an angle thanks to the wedge-shaped base that has two substantial square legs in the front and rests on its base in the back giving it the look of a classic racing car getting ready

Apr 272012
The Sassy Sofa is a Chair

Cool Chair, Strange Name, Great Price! The Sassy Sofa by New Spec is a bit of a misnomer. Although you might call this a one-seater sofa, to me it is actually just a really cool retro chair. There is no doubt that this is a funky chair from the first glance, it has a cool 1950′s atomic age shape and it comes in some wild and bold colors. It has a hip, low slung look that puts you at an angle that is perfect for lounging. The base is covered

Apr 242012
Monarch Chair By Brian Fireman

Beautifully Bio-Organic Monarch Chair If you want a modern chair whose design has a little backbone, the Monarch Chair by furniture designer Brian Fireman is the chair for you. Perfect for a modern home in a natural setting, this beautiful wooden side chair is organic and sculptural while still maintaining a structural, formal appearance. Hand-crafted with special attention to the natural look of the materials, each piece has its own unique features in the grain and color of the wood used. Choose between the one shown above with a cherry seat and a darker, curved walnut spine