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Modern furniture and accessories for your classy cat or pampered pooch. Why should you have all the fun, get you pet some cool modern, retro or contemporary stuff all their own.

Sep 022012

Operetta Pet Lounge

Operetta Pet Lounge Front
Philippine based designer, Kenneth Cobonpue has received many international accolades for his exotic, modern designs in woven furniture. His designs stand alone in their style and tend to come in all sorts of unique shapes that seem to defy description. Cobonpue is unafraid of any design challenge and has designed everything from amazing outdoor furniture made of woven polyethylene, to fantastic bedroom furniture that looks like it is right out of a movie set. He has even a designed an amazing concept car made out of woven bamboo.

Operetta Pet LoungeNow Cobonpue has turned his eye to creating some beautiful, upscale pet furniture that is fit for a king…here King, here King!

The Operetta Pet Lounge is a cool, modern pet bed that will make your dog feel like a star. From the front, this cozy pet bed resembles the Hollywood Bowl or some other Art Deco era opera house with a covered back-end to give you pampered pooch plenty of shade. This unique modern pet bed looks great anywhere but the aluminum frame and polyethylene construction makes it suitable for outdoor use as well. It makes a great place for you dog to retreat when you are spending some time out by the pool.

Although it is well proportioned, the Operetta Pet Lounge is better for your smaller pet breeds, If you want something for your larger dog, you might want to check out this past article we did about another cool pet bed design by Kenneth Cobonpue, the Voyage Pet Bed.

The Operetta Pet Lounge is available in either brown or whitewash white and comes with a soft, easy to clean cushioned pad for you dogs comfort. You love unique modern furniture so why not spoil you dog with some cool and contemporary furniture of their own. This unique lounge that your dog can call its own is available at Switch Modern in Atlanta, Georgia or online  at SwitchModern.com.

Shop Kenneth Cobonpue Modern Furniture at SWITCHModern.com

How Cool Is This?
Apr 042012
Voyage Pet Bed by Kenneth Cobonpue

Modern Pet Bed For Your Big Dog! I have featured several pieces modern pet furniture but I noticed that most of the stuff I have talked about is for the small or at least moderately sized dog so I thought I would show you a cool modern pet bed for you larger breed dogs. This exotic looking pet bed by the very creative designer Kenneth Cobonpue will have your dog sitting in the lap of luxury! The generously proportioned Voyage Dog Bed is part of the Voyage Collection by Phillipino

Feb 262012
Kooldog Modern Luxury Dog House

Ok people, lets remember that your dog isn’t just the latest in trendy fashion accessories, your dog is your best friend. Doesn’t your best friend deserve a their own modern dog house that is as cool, sleek and modern as your home? Experts say that a dog needs a nice comfortable place to crash just like you do. It provide security and a feeling of safety as well as a place for your dog to retreat when they feel stressed or threatened. But dog beds are not really noted for their style. A

Nov 162011
Modern Dog House by Magis

A Modern Home For Your Dog! Everyone should have the benefit of modern design, so why not a modern home for your dog? People love their pets and why not, they are part of our family. Every year people spend spend millions of dollars each year to make their pet comfortable. from designer dog bowls and clothing, to comfortable and modern pet crates and even modern furniture for their cat. So why not get your pampered pooch this cool and funky Magis Dog House designed by Michael Young for Italian design company Magis

Sep 282011
Modern Furniture For Your Cat

Kitty Ball Modern Cat Bed In the past we have featured the BowHaus Dog Den that doubles as a modern end table but we believe in equal time at B2Modern so now we wanted to tell you about some modern furniture for your cat!  Check out this bamboo version of the Ball Chair made just for your favorite feline.  The Kitty Ball Cat Bed is made from lightweight spun bamboo and will fit in with almost any modern decor.  It comes with a tufted pillow for your cat to sleep

Aug 142011
BowHaus Modern Designed Dog Den

Modern Table and Dog Crate! You are living the modern lifestyle with clean, stylish, contemporary furnishings, why should your dog be any different?  Your dog has an instinctive desire for a safe and cozy space to curl up.  You have a few choices, you can either get your dog a traditional doggie bed or let your dog snuggle up on your sofa.  Traditional dog beds are certainly not noted for their style and fashion sense and, though you love your dog, nobody wants to let your pet ruin your expensive