Jun 192013

Renova Toilet Paper Green

Show your true colors in every room of your house, even your bathroom with Renova paper products. Billed as the “Sexiest Paper on Earth” and rightly so, this amazing designer bath tissue is for people who eat, sleep and breathe design (along with everything that goes with it). The subject of toilet paper is not often discussed in the design world but why not? If you just spent thousands of dollars designing the ultimate designer bathroom, do you want to adorn it with a plain white roll of ordinary bathroom paper? Not when you can achieve the pinnacle of high design with orange, green, red or even black toilet paper.

Renova Black PaperRenova, a Portuguese paper company that has produced paper products in Europe for decades began this trend in 2005 when they introduced black toilet paper in several high-end, boutique hotels in Madrid. Since then they have expanded to other countries in Europe, Japan and even Canada with hot new designer colors added along the way. Now this unique brand of household paper products is available in the US as well with the opening of RenovaShop.com, your official source for this colorful addition to your modern bathroom’s decor.

Choose from green, red, yellow, blue, orange, fuchsia and basic black in your choice of sizes from a two pack, a three pack with gift box (right) or a six pack. They have even introduced paper towels for those that want to jazz up their kitchen’s decor as well. I know, many people have reasons they buy toilet paper other than just the color. Just in case there is any question about the quality you should know that this trendy colored toilet paper is 3-ply, dermatology & gynaecology tested and approved. It is septic safe, recyclable & biodegradable and non-bleached. It is also 100% chlorine free, unlike many white bathroom tissues out there.

Whether you want to make an impression on your guests or just express your true colors during day-to-day use, designer colored Renova is truly the sexiest toilet paper on earth.

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