Jun 132013

Baldwin Desk With Metal Legs

Remember the days when the first consideration in designing a desk for your office did not include where to put the monitor or how to hide your computer? Well, maybe you don’t, but the folks at Thrive Furniture do.

In the 1950s, the desk in your office said a lot about the person sitting behind it. A huge, stately desk in your bankers office spoke of stability and trustworthiness. A rolltop desk just screams of old fashion values. What does your current desk say about you anyway?

Baldwin Desk With Wood Legs

The Baldwin Desk has a hip and classic mid-century style that says you have a bold and dynamic personality that isn’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. At 30″ deep and 60″ wide, the flat top is the perfect surface to spread out plans, photographs, artwork or whatever you are working on. The four ultra deep drawers give you plenty of storage for supplies and are big enough to hold your tablet or Ipad. In this day of handheld devices and computer tablets, who uses a clunky old desktop computer anyway?

The v-shaped metal, legs add both style and a sturdy base without being to clumsy and clunky. The classic blending of wood and chrome, popularized in the mid-century, creates a nice blend of the traditional and the futuristic but you can also get the Baldwin Desk with Wood Legs if that’s you fancy.

And if it’s manufactured by Thrive Home Furnishings, you know it uses eco-friendly wood sources and American made quality that is backed up by a lifetime warranty and there 365 day return policy. So check out the Baldwin Desk today and tell the world what you are all about.

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