Jun 122013

Brave Space 5 Piece Tetris Shelf Set

Are you looking for some groovy shelving for your home or office space? Are you a fan of the classic game Tetris? Either way the folks at Brave Space have you covered. Each part of this cool modular shelving set is crafted out of solid wood, stained dark on the outside and left natural on the inside, creating a unique and contemporary look. The variety of shapes makes it easy to stack and re-stack in hundreds of possible configurations that can hold almost anything you want to display.

But something looks familiar here. When you look at each individual piece, it makes it much easier to notice that each unit looks like a piece from that popular gaming classic, Tetris. Anyone who has played the game know that there are many ways to stack these 5 simple pieces, what can be easier than that?

This functional and creative 5 Piece Set, one of each shape, was designed by Brave Space is available at California-based modern furniture store 2Modern with free shipping.I know what you are thinking, 5 pieces is just not enough. Well, you can always pick up the 10 Piece Set and get two of each shape for a nearly endless number of shelving designs.

How Cool Is This?

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